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We are a technology-driven agriculture partner that provides a seamless digital platform for African smallholder and subsistence farmers to trade and connect with other businesses in the agricultural value chain. We support micro, small, and medium agri-businesses (MSMEs) from Africa to participate actively in this ecosystem, with the aim of driving economic growth and facilitating recovery.

In simpler terms, we are a digital agriculture platform that helps African farmers to trade and grow their businesses. We also support small businesses in the agricultural sector, so that everyone can benefit from a more prosperous and inclusive agricultural sector

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Our mobile apps are an integrated and seamless digital ecosystem that brings together agribusinesses to collaborate, transact, fund, contract, exchange and share wealth digitally.


A pool of private Funders/Investors are enabled to receive funding request, assess funding application and provide Investment/funding to farmers, aggregators, and food processors for the production of primary produce (fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, honey, etc.) directly through our funding partner platform.


Farmers in our platform are responsible for the production of quality and healthy produce, list the produce/livestock of the platform to receive orders from buyers, and initiate the preparation of orders placed on their own store platform. These are to be collected by the delivery agents.


The customers/buyers signed up are enabled to buy fresh food (fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, honey, etc.) directly from the farmer's digital store. Bulk buyers, exporters, aggregators and processors are empowered to contract farmers directly on an offtake contract to secure future supply with a guaranteed quality and competitive price.


Verified Input and implement suppliers can list their products and services on the platform for farmers to purchase directly from the suppliers and our delivery drivers are able to collect the order from designated warehouses and deliver to the farmer directly. Suppliers are linked to an existing offtake contract directly to secure future supply with a guaranteed quality and competitive price.


Drivers are carefully examined, and delivery agents, are pre-loaded on our platform. They receive collection and delivery instructions through the Agrowex delivery app. Delivery drivers are linked to an existing offtake contract directly to secure future delivery schedules with a guaranteed job and competitive price.

Fresh Hub

Fresh Hub in our platform are our distribution partners responsible for wholesaling and retailing quality and healthy produce, procuring bulk produce from the platform and receiving orders from local vendors or customers in townships and villages, Fresh Hubs prepacked orders placed their own physical and online store platform and sell directly to customers or arranged deliveries.


Is a digital agro-ecosystem platform that enables a seamless farming ecosystem for all agri-stakeholders (farmers, customers, logistics, food processors and Agro-service providers) in the Value Chain, the platform provides the following integrated digital solution on Mobile App & Web App.

    One Stop-Shop for all your Agri-inputs and Equipment.
    Knowledge, training & agri-expect hub.
    Digital Farm Management and Agronomy advisory.
    Packaging, Distribution and Fresh Produce Market Store Partners.
    Purchase listed items on demand on our platform for farms and suppliers,accessible on web and mobile.
    Agribusiness Fund Management Platform for financing, input stock, equipment, purchase orders, and offtake agreements.

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