Our History

Agrowex Industries (Pty) Ltd was established in 2018 with a vision to digitize the agriculture ecosystem, and we specialize in developing cutting-edge agriculture Technology. Our digital platforms are designed to enable unlimited market access, promote agri-commercialization, and facilitate contract farming between Agri-stakeholders. Through seamless collaboration, contracting, management, agribusiness funding facilitation, transactions, coordination, and participation in the agri-value chain, our innovative platforms empower stakeholders to achieve their business objectives with the Utmost efficiency and effectiveness. The ecosystem development consists of 4 major phases: The MVP and the full product development phases have been completed, we are currently on project 3 which is Sales and Marketing, and this phase is focusing on platform launch and marketing is required to onboard as many farmers as possible and buyers to complete the ecosystem.

Our Vision

Our primary goal is to serve as the driving force behind the estimated 36 million smallholder and subsistence farmers across the African continent.
We are committed to empowering these farmers to produce high-quality goods that are not only marketable within Africa but also in the Global market. By creating opportunities for smallholder farmers to access larger markets and compete on a global scale, we are helping to promote sustainable agriculture and drive economic growth in Africa.

Our Mission

At Agrowex Industries (Pty) Ltd, we are on a mission to empower African smallholder farmers by facilitating their access to local, regional, continental, and international markets. We believe that every farmer deserves a fair chance to succeed, which is why we equip our emerging farmers with the tools and resources they need to meet the demands of global buyers. By supporting and empowering smallholder farmers, we are not only helping to improve their livelihoods but also contributing to sustainable agriculture and economic growth in Africa.


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