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AGROWEX Service HUB is a one-stop shop for all things agriculture. It helps farmers to improve their productivity, incomes, and livelihoods by providing them with the latest digital support and tools they need.

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    Access procurement services and tools that enables sourcing of goods and services while we link your business with the correct target market within the platform.

    • Purchase Orders
    • Request for Quote
    • Request for Price
    • Request for Tender
    • Request for Proposal
    • Request for Information
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    Invest in Urban Farming , Logistics and agro-processing opportunities on the platform.

    • Urban Farming
    • Grain Farming
    • Feed Processing
    • Cold Press Processing
    • Meat Processing
    • Biomass Processing
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    Access a pool of requests, agro-offers and opportunities from our ecosystem players in the platform.

    • Requests
    • Offers
    • Donate
    • Agro-services
    • Agri-Bid
    • Partnership Opportunities
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    Have access to remote field advisors and tools in the platform to get the right advise from a panel of experts to support your agri-business growth.

    • Plant Health
    • Quality Assurance
    • Financial Manager
    • Business Developer
    • Farm Manager
    • Agronomist/Monitoring
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    Access our farming, agro-processing services and tools to enable your farm or business development.

    • Farm Acquisition
    • Finance Application
    • Farm Expansion
    • Value Add Modeling
    • Market Linkage
    • Agri-Consulting
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    Access our offtake services and tools to secure supply of goods and services from ecosystem players in the platform on a offtake contract.

    • Urban Farming
    • Livestock & Processing
    • Fresh Produce
    • Grain & Nuts Farming
    • Feed Processing
    • Cold Press Processing