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AGROWEX INDUSTRIES is an agriculture technology group of companies with an objective to serve its customers as a promoter, enabler of unlimited market access locally and globally, agri-commercialization partner and facilitators of off-takes (contract farming) between the agri-stakeholders through digital technology.

We are an enabler of a seamless farming ecosystem across African regions. We simplify bulk farm produce, farm inputs sourcing, farm produce logistics and agri-market linkage amongst all agri-stakeholders in the Value Chain within the Southern African Region.

We have achieved these synergies through our digital integrated ecosystem made accessible to all types and sizes of farmers, suppliers, Fresh Hubs, Funders and buyers in urban or rural villages via our web-hub and mobile application.

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A digital trading platform connecting millions of buyers and sellers of agriculture commodities, inputs, equipment and machinery.

  • On-Demand

    This is accessible to the general market, where buyers can log in and purchase items that are currently available. Typically, these buyers are facing disruptions in their regular supply chains.

  • Bulk Purchase Order

    These are often on-demand as well, where buyers can request Agrowex to source a specific product or produce on their behalf, either as a one-time purchase or recurring for a specified duration.

  • Contract Farming

    Agrowex establishes an offtake agreement with a buyer, such as a retailer or export, who requires a specific quality of produce at a future date. Agrowex then employs its technology-enabled platform to contract one or more farmers from our extensive digital network of farmers to fulfill the buyer’s request.


This component oversees the day-to-day farm operations, facilitated through a partnership with a renowned global farm management software company. This software offers a wide range of capabilities, including contract management, field operations, advisory services, satellite scouting, traceability, and food compliance reporting, which are crucial for efficient contract management. Through a digital dashboard, the offtakes (buyers) can remotely monitor the daily farm operations in real-time, ensuring transparency and accountability.


Digital farmer’s output store and customer’s market linkage platform.


Digital store for all farming Inputs.


Digital Service Hub for all farming support, capital/Investment, Market linkage and offers.


Digital Hub for all farming knowledge, training and expert advice.


Digital platform for all SMART Farming Management Tools.


Online purchase order to source produce,agro-inputs and implements.

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